Tarantula Perfume

Attractive perfumes and scents exist in the natural life cycles.
One example is the tarantula spider female, which spreads Pheromone into the air in order to attract the male for reproduction.

The male receives them, is attracted to her and they mate. In fact, the tarantula uses its animal-sexual instinct in order to attract the male, thus ensuring its biological future.

The perfume bottle contains the same tarantula pheromones, this is sort of a cosmic material which women spread on themselves to attract a partner, and in fact use it to deliver a message identic alto that of the tarantula female, without words, just by scent.

The bottle is made of ceramics and was designed in three-dimensional Software's, printed using advanced ceramic printing technology in Shapeways.

The tarantula is made of glass using a burner technology

Curators: Lena Dubinsky, Marc Larminaux for LALIQUE

Exhibition: "Masterpiece Collection", MAISON GERARD, New - York, USA