Terms and conditions of use for Eden Hevroni Website: www.edenhevroni.net
The site is an arena for buying exclusive designs by the artist Eden Hevroni.
Eden Hevroni (hereinafter "Site Manager")
A person who makes any use of the site below ("visitor")
The site is managed and operated by Eden Hevroni.

• Introduction
1. The terms and conditions of use of the site must be carefully read as a precondition for any interaction with the site. Browsing the site and / or purchasing products on the site express your consent to accept and act according to the instructions of the bylaws and the terms of use.

2. It is hereby clarified that the Rules and Terms of Use apply to any viewing and / or use of the Site, on any device (cellular / iPad / computer etc.)
3. The Rules and Terms of Use relate to both sexes, for the sake of convenience they are written in the feminine language.
4. The Terms and Conditions of Use are the basis for all litigation regarding the use of the Website.
5. Any person, including a company or legal body incorporated in Israel, or a body incorporated abroad lawfully, may make use of the site subject to the following conditions:
1. The visitor to the site declares that she is competent to perform binding legal actions;
2. If an act is performed on the site by a minor (under the age of 18) or another visitor who is not authorized to perform legal acts without the consent of her guardian, the visitor is required to inform the parent and / or legal guardian of the provisions of the Terms of Use and the Regulations and to obtain their approval and consent to carry out any action Site. The parent and / or guardian are responsible for informing the minor who wishes to browse the site on the instructions stipulated in the terms of use and the regulations and to supervise its activities. It should be emphasized that any action performed on the site by the minor constitutes consent of the minor and / or the parent and / or guardian to the terms of use and the regulations;
3. that visits the owner of a valid e-mail address;
4. The visitor is the owner of a valid Israeli or international credit card and / or other valid payment method.
2. The Terms of Use and / or any other document that replaces them in order to regulate the terms of use of the Site may change from time to time, at the sole discretion of the Site Manager.
3. The auditor's responsibility is to be updated on any change in the articles of association, and any updates thereof.
4. The validity of the articles of association shall apply from the moment of publication thereof.
5. The site management reserves the right to terminate the site's activity at any time without notice.
• Nature of the site
1. The site is an image site of the artist Eden Hevroni, on the site is the sale of designs in the form of a trading arena.
2. Eden Hevroni's designs are not original and unique to her.
• Use of the site
1. The site must not be used for illegal purposes.
2. Use of the site is for private purposes only. The site should not be used for commercial purposes and / or other needs that have not been approved in advance and in writing by the site management.
3. The site visitor does not purchase any rights in the site and / or other rights inherent in and / or related to the site, except for the right to use the site as detailed in these terms and conditions of use.
4. For the avoidance of doubt: Do not enable or allow the operation of any computer application or any other means, including crawlers, robots, etc., for the purpose of searching, scanning, copying or automatically retrieving content from the site. Creating a collection, collection or database containing content from this site without the explicit written permission of the site management.
5. By using the Site and / or in connection with the "Site Administration" you undertake to provide correct, accurate, current and complete information regarding your identity.
6. Insofar as there is a suspicion that a person or entity is using the information of the visitor, the visitor must inform the site management immediately.
7. Site management may prevent a particular visitor from using the site at its sole discretion. In addition, the site's management may terminate the use of the site visitor.
8. The site management does not guarantee that the use of the site will be secure, accurate, complete, free of interference, free from faults or free from viruses, worms, harmful components or other limitations and shall not be liable for any damages caused to the visitor resulting from these activities.
9. The visitor undertakes to report to the site's management any publication of an offensive, misleading or inappropriate nature, which she encountered during the use of the site.
10. Site management will strive to make the site and its services always available. However, it is not possible to commit to continuous availability without problems. As long as there is a malfunction in the site, the site's management will return it to the activity as soon as possible, and in the event of a downtime for maintenance. It is hereby clarified that no monetary compensation or credit shall be given for the cessation of the site's activity, even if as a result, any direct or indirect damage to any third party or any third party will be caused.
• Purchase and order products
1. The presentation of the various products on the site is not a "proposal" and in order to remove any doubt, the purchase process by the auditor will not constitute "acceptance".
2. The order of the products on the site will be made by the visitor to the site. Fulfilling all details, accurately and fully, is a prerequisite for making a purchase.
3. The prices on the site include VAT, unless stated otherwise.
4. The management of the site reserves the right to refuse to accept orders from a visitor at its sole discretion and there will be no claim to the visitor whose requested acquisition was not possible or canceled.
5. The purchase will be made by choosing a product from the variety of products on the site, the purchase process will be convenient: add to cart, enter the basket, make a payment.
6. The auditor will be required to choose the method of delivery or self-collection.
7. Delivery by registered mail or by courier entails an additional fee (unless otherwise specified)
8. In order to avoid mishaps, it is important to provide correct and complete details as part of the purchase process. Among other things, please provide the following details: First and last name, phone, e-mail, full shipping address. Delivering information that is knowingly wrong constitutes a violation of the Terms of Use and the Bylaws and in certain circumstances may lead to legal proceedings against the Comptroller.
9. Payment on the site is done by clearing a credit card and / or through PayPal and / or by making a telephone payment by a representative on behalf of the webmaster who contacts the visitor to complete the purchase process.
10. Once the purchase process has been completed and the payment method has been approved, the Controller will be notified of the purchase confirmation. It should be clarified that the site's management will continue