Glass Cage


"There was a small canary in the cage, I asked her why she kept her in a cage, she wanted to fly, she wanted freedom.

So she told me: Freedom is sometimes dangerous. It's cold outside and she might die, here in a cage she's safe and good.

And then I realized that freedom is not always so good. If they hide me and if they keep me in some hiding place, then it's probably good for me ".

From the testimony of a survivor of the Holocaust: Malka (Marisha) Rosenthal.


"In the Holocaust, the children's childhood was cut off and in many cases they supported the family and encouraged their parents in the desperate struggle for survival.

However, they remained children. They played, laughed and created and expressed their fears and hopes.

The paintings, diaries, songs, music, letters and toys offer a glimpse of their childhood in the shadow of the Holocaust.

Life force, vitality, creativity, imagination, the power of survival and optimism - testify to the abilities of children" .


Curator: Yehudit Inbar

"Stars without a Heaven, Children In The Holocaust" , Yad Vashem Museum, Jerusalem, Israel

Yad Vashem Museum Jerusalem, Israel