Eden Hevroni

Eden Hevroni was born and raised in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel.

In 2015, she graduated from the Bezalel Academy, where she obtained her B.F.A at the Ceramics and Glass Design Department. During her studies, Eden took part in exhibitions at galleries and museums in Israel and in New York.

After her graduation, Eden relocated to Poland, where she did her porcelain internship at the Ćmielów Porcelain Factory. During her internship, she worked with designer Marek Cecula and took part in the Art Food project with various other artists.

After her internship, Eden was invited to participate in an international porcelain design competition in China. The competition has been running for over a decade, and it featured more than 4,000 designers from around the world. Eden presented her Bezalel final project, Black Venom, which has been awarded the gold medal in the porcelain design competition.

Today, Eden works in her Jaffa studio, and exhibits at galleries and museums in Israel and overseas.

"My starting point in my work is emotion, which I then translate into shape, using 3D programs and sculpting with my hands. I am constantly looking for new shapes and try to understand where they will meet me again. Sometimes, I select some rather complex everyday topics, for which I seek to provide a new shape in space, with my own interpretation."

Jewelry and Art work designed

Every new design begins from emotion, in the time that I was working on a new Design collection at Ćmielów factory in Poland I felt away from home, from my roots, then I was starting to look for a shape that would keep me at home even if I'm away from home, in that point the Pretzel born.
my studio encompasses various porcelain works, ceramics tanks with gilded parts alongside porcelain pistols, a porcelain set of water canteen and two cups, a huge pretzel with fairy tale drawings and perfume bottles with mysterious messages. I believe that everyone can find here something that he will like.